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Health Care for Low Income Citizens

As the cost of health insurance continues to rise, many low income citizens are learning it is increasingly difficult to find health insurance they can afford. Luckily, along with this rise is the increasing availability of low income health insurance options. With government assisted health programs and discounted plans, having a low income may no longer have to hold you back from getting the coverage you need.

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Medicaid and other government assistance programs

Government programs and Medicaid are great for those in need of low income health insurance. For those eligible for Medicaid, it is the best option available. With Medicaid, the money does not come to you but goes directly to the health insurance provider to insure that you are being covered for all of your health costs. Every state has difference guidelines as who can qualify for these programs, so you should check with your local office before assuming you don’t qualify,.

If you learn that you are not eligible for Medicaid, or just think it isn’t for you, getting free health insurance quotes is a great way to help give you more information and compare options. At, we will provide you with quotes that will help you compare your health care options and narrow your search to get you covered soon.

State Children’s Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP)

When low income families find it difficult to afford insurance for their children, S-CHIP is available. It is a low-cost, private health insurance plan that helps to cover children under the age of 19 that are eligible. The only information needed to find out if you qualify for S-CHIP is your family size and income. S-CHIP covers visits to the doctor, medications and hospitalizations.

Health Insurance for Low Income Families

Sometimes, even if we think we are eligible for Medicaid, getting health insurance at no cost is not an option. That is why low income health insurance is available. The best way to find information for low income patients is to shop around and request quotes. With, quotes from some of the top Insurance carriers are available to help you get good deals on health insurance and have affordable coverage soon.

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